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    Has anyone tried BOTH revecom and 2checkout? Which one do you recommend?

    Has anyone tried BOTH revecom and 2checkout?

    Which one do you recommend?

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    I have also been reading up on these two companys, so anyone who has tried both companys would be helpful to me also.

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    Hope someone who has tried both companys can give some comments.

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    Reading their T&C, prohibit you from entering a client's CC info yourself, and insist that the client goes to the page and does this himself.

    As my new policy is to *always* phone the card holder prior to putting the card through manually (rather then just sometimes as I used to), this rules out of contention.

    Revecom (now appear to allow you to do this.
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    Originally posted by Zolotek
    Revecom (now appear to allow you to do this.
    Not likely, if you're talking about their "Merchant IBA" program, which is the one that's similar to 2checkout (as opposed to the "Merchant IMA," which has all of the usual merchant account features and so includes a virtual terminal where you can enter transactions). It's a rule of the card issuers themselves, so whether they mention it in the TOS displayed on their site or not I would expect they have the same restriction. Actually I'm pretty sure it used to be in the FAQ on the old Revecom site.

    Anyway, I use both companies. It'd be hard really to say that either one is better than the other. Essentially the services are the same, and we haven't had any serious support issues with either of them. I've contacted Paysystems a couple of times with questions about transactions, using both online chat support and email, and received good support each time. Our transactions there tend to be much larger than those of most hosts (that is, in the range of hundreds of dollars), and that's created the only obstacle to using them: they do phone verification on most of the transactions and that causes a delay. I don't know if that would be the case with 2checkout as well, because our current setup uses them for smaller transactions only.

    So while using both of them I haven't developed a preference and don't see either of them as being a clear choice over the other. Both seem to do the job.
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    We are with 2checkout and have never been with revecom, however I highly recommend revecom as to my experience and from what Ive heard about revecom. Stay away from 2checkout.

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    I recommend revecom.

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    Revecom is nice.. and you never see the payment issues w Revecom as you do w/ 2CO on these forums.


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    thanks. Any comments on their recurring billing feature?

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    One thing I like from Revecom/Paysystems is the ability to edit the amount of recurring orders online (without having to contact support). This is a very extremely useful feature, I think.

    I'm not their client, but will be soon. I'm wondering if their lat recurring problem's been resolved or not???

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