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    Mailing Lists in Cpanel

    I have long had an email account setup in our cpanel that is just an email (allstaff@...) that has a forwarder setup to each mail account on our server. The problem is the staff list is constantly changing and it is a pain to keep adding/removing each address manually -- frankly I forget to do it a lot. Is there some sort of filter or mailing list feature I can setup that will forward any message I sent to allstaff@... to all active mail accounts within my cpanel account? Or any other suggestions for that matter?


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    Another option would be to setup a single account and the your staff use that account with IMAP protocol, from their email client, instead of POP.

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    There's no automatic setting for that, you will have to manually add/remove the addresses in the distro list.

    Or you can make a script that automatically populates the distro list based on the active email accounts.
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