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Thread: Tis the season

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    * Tis the season

    Must be spam in the air!

    I seem to have been targeted for spam here recently. Thus I haven taken drastic action and subscribed thy spammers website to the holy spammers heaven.

    Spam can be a good thing!

    My current spammers and UCE get signed up to list after list of their own medicine.

    Merry Christmas..........
    Happy Spamming
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww it's broke

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    If they have a phone number, call them and inquire about their services. Ask every possible question you can think of, even if the information is obvious. When you can't think of any more questions, reask some of the stupid ones you've already asked....

    I do this with telemarketers and have wanted to try it with spammers, but haven't had the chance yet. After I feel i've wasted enough of their time, i close with:

    ME: "Wow! Thanks for answering all my questions"
    Them: "you're welcome, All I need now is your credit card and I can get you set up today!"
    ME: "No thanks, I'm not interested, please remove me from your calling (mailing) list"
    Them: "But but but, i just spent XX minutes on the phone with you"
    ME: "Oh i'm sorry, i was never interested, I just wanted to waste your time"

    At this point, they usually say "ok i've removed your name and number from our list, good night"

    Every once in a while you get an ******* (most recently, AT&T, dialogued below)
    Them: "God dammit, you know how hard it is to get a sale?"
    Me: "Well if you call people on saturday mornings or while they are eating dinner......"
    Them: "You should expect it, you're supposed buy our crap and give us your money when you use it"
    Me: "I dont want crap, give me your're being rude"

    I explain the rudeness to the supervisor and he offers me free installation and a $30 service credit (note, this was for digital phone service, which i see as pointless). I politely rejected the offer and he gave me an 800 number I can call if I have more complaints....

    So my point is....if you waste their time(and yours) long enough, you could get compensated for it

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    I got an ATT rep on my cell phone last week! I got rid of my land line, and now I'm getting spam on my cell phone. Anyway, I let the lady talk my ear off about all of her ATT cable services. When she was done I politely said, "I already have your premium cable service, thanks though".

    Now she was somewhat frustrated.. so she informed me for another few minutes with her ATT broadband service. After she was done I said, "Oh, yeah I already have that too! It works great, thank you".

    She finally got really pissed and just said "Good night" *click*

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    I really really thought about calling them, they have a toll free number.

    But in the short amount of time a phone call would be. I find it more appealing to let them waste even more time cleaning out their mail boxes.

    I do love the phone calls from telemarketers, I just sit back and let them spill it all out and go uh huh, oh, mmmmm then when they all done say naw, goodbye and hang up.
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww it's broke

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    Heh... I have some good ones I've used, but I'd prolly get banned if I posted them here

    Often, mine will leave them completely speechless, and sometimes they forget thier pitch. If someone calls me early, they'll be getting an earful...
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