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    Feasability of hosting a game server using iSCSI drives.

    Does anyone know how dependant game server performance is on hard disk speed?
    I was thinking that HD speed probably isn't too important for game servers as most the data the server needs will be kept loaded into the RAM.

    I ask this because i'm looking into hosting game servers on machines that have no HD themselves but are connected to a disk 20 meters away with a minimum speed of 10 MB/s (80mbit/s). This is in theory the same speed as SCSI-2 spec so I am thinking it should be ok as I think game servers got along fine in 1997 when people where using SCSI-2 drives to host their Half-life servers.

    Any thoughts?

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    If you run few gameservers you can use standard HD but if you run many ones you have to take high performance HDs with high rpm. I tell you why. If you run many gameservers on a standard HD, when you copy / move / delete a big quantity of file (example: creating new gameservers, reilstall, patch), HD will be really slow then you have a sort of lag in game. Btw you have to pay attention to this problem only if you run a really huge number of services on the same machine.
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    It should be OK. Although keep in mind that iSCSI has some TCP overhead so you won't get the full 10MB/s out of it.

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    I'm sure you will be fine but I don't suggest it. Good Luck

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