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    Question need help with my reseller account

    hi i recently bought a reseller hosting package. I've set up my website and everything. but i wanted my customers to receive the hosting account instantly and the login and password + other details automatically via email. i have know idea how to do this and would appreciate it if someone can send some links to some tutorials or something. I'm using client exec, WHM panel, Cpanel. I'm new to this so excuse me if I'm making no sense

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    Is this maybe what you are looking for?
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    WHMCS will integrate with WHM packages / create cpanel accounts on the fly.
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    I recommend WHMCS - as well, definitely better than Client Exec. More functionality and ease of use as well as reasonably priced.

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    ClientExec is also capable of of automatic creation of accounts once payment is received, however I firmly stand behind WHMCS being the better system.

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    I thought Clientexec have such a feature build in. ie you can automate account creations and have details emailed to clients.

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    You definitely got clientexec with reseller account. Anyways, you can still use it for account automation.

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    What about contacting the company you purchased the reseller account from? | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    i got client exec for free from my hosting company. i also asked them to set it up and they said they did but every time i buy a package it doesn't create the account.but I'm gonna check the link sent by Fazewire and see if i can do it my self.

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