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    random blank pages

    Seems my site is getting random blank pages. I did some research and maybe but not sure its related to open files.

    [[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
    3264 0 900000

    Is this something to worry about? I just did a reboot and it did it.

    Current Time: Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 00:18:53 EDT
    Restart Time: Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 00:11:17 EDT
    Parent Server Generation: 0
    Server uptime: 7 minutes 36 seconds
    Total accesses: 106629 - Total Traffic: 898.2 MB
    CPU Usage: u294.39 s37.64 cu2.91 cs0 - 73.5% CPU load
    234 requests/sec - 2.0 MB/second - 8.6 kB/request
    590 requests currently being processed, 99 idle workers

    Server outputs 53mbps constantly.

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    It should be a problem with high database access. You server requires apache and mysql optimization.


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    Do check if your server is under any sort of DOS or DDOS attacks.. If not, then analyze the traffic during peak hours to tune your Apache/MySQL servers

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    Are you having problems just with php files or html files too ?

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    As with all things Apache, take a look at your error logs first. They can be in quite a few different places depending on the distro and the way apache is installed. Also you should verify wether it's a fully blank page, or if it's just not serving anything (big difference here).

    Is this something you can replicate fairly easily, or is it just random? However I think your first place to start should be correlating the times when a blank page is served with the same approx. time in your error logs. That should be the first place to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benthetech4u View Post
    It should be a problem with high database access. You server requires apache and mysql optimization.

    Smart Person. I found there was a missing index on a very large table that contains all the IP addresses of visitors.

    I added the index and presto the problem stopped. But it didn't improve linux server load. But seems to not show blank pages now.


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    Enable slow query logs ..check which of your DB have the issues ...
    And be sure to have the correct values in .my.cnf


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