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    Reliable UK VPS Provider

    Hi all,

    Hope you can help me!

    I'm currently looking at sourcing a UK VPS (or somewhere in Europe close the UK) that falls in the region of 25 - 30 a month (ideally with no setup fee).

    We'd require:
    HDD: 15GB (minimum)
    B/w: Preferably unmetered, however 2TB should suffice.
    Ram: 512meg dedi, with a burstable amount
    CPU: .5 GHz Minimum.
    Root SSH access
    Plesk CP (ideally) or cPanel if it's offered at a low cost.

    I did come across and liked the look of their plans, has anyone ever hosted with them? When visiting (in the hope for an English version of their site), It advertised both and - are they somehow "linked"?

    I had a look at the webfusion plans and quite liked them too - does anyone have any reviews/comments/history with them?

    Also, what's your view on control panel / memory allocated? The server will only run 1 website with a fairly large membership base. If all turns out well, we'll move our emails onto the server aswell (currently they're on a different domain and shared hosting plan with lunarpages).

    Any advice or comments are welcome - I'm pulling my hair out trying to find one that doesn't have a load of rubbish reviews!


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    Check out or - well recommended by me
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzServers-J View Post

    Check out or - well recommended by me
    thank you.
    Low Cost Storage VPS plans at
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    Take a look at and their offer:

    A Titanium VPS with their offer gives you 1.3 TB BW and 2 GB of RAM for around $50/mo +/-
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    United Hoster UK seems to fit your description and will be well within your budget for the Specs you require.

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