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Thread: What To Learn?

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    Smile What To Learn?

    So ive finished all my Exam and everything and now im free for couple of months so instead of wasting my time so i thought i might as well learn something usefull and good. I have no idea really on what to learn online sort of here are some stuff im interested in

    Learn Dedicated server (this doesnt make sense i know, its like learning how to install stuff on a dedicated server also please mention which OS to use since it wll be my first time)
    Learn a Programming language ( If you suggest that then please mention which language i can learn so it can help me in the Future College/University/anything)
    Learn PHP or anything similar to it

    if you have anything else im your mind i can learn that i didnt mention here then just say it

    Looking forward to replies

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    My opinion is to start to learn the linux generaly and the software. How you can start ? easy , clean your old computer or your laptop , install centos or fedora and try to set up as a server. Please try to use it from console and not from kde or gnome , use it from the console .

    For the beggining try to set up the apache and the modules , play a little with the bind and the iptables and also do not forget to study SSH and the security.
    When you will finish , try to use Xen or any other virtual server software.
    Trust me , you will feel great after some weeks , the feeling to manage a server it is Fantastic Feeling !

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    Thanks for the advice mate for the advice hopefully more replies

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