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    Affiliate Program Structure

    We are finalizing our affiliate program at in the next week and are curious of what payments others offer for signups...

    I have seen $40 US from and others in that range at, but I think this is out of our league...

    Also, do affiliates prefer a payment up front or residual? Or perhaps a combination? We have several scenario's in mind, but I am curious what other may think.

    Thanks for listening,
    .: Richard

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    The most common payment amount I have seen is usually 1 month of hosting or a percent of the total sale.

    I prefer the amount upfront (after 30 days since the buyer could cancel and drain all your funds - very easy to lose lots of money fast is you pay before your guarantee is up).

    I have many affiliates that offer residual income over "lifetime" etc and have never had luck with any of those. I'm sure many people would disagree.
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    residual is only worth it to the affiliates if you will be around to pay it. could be a nice bonus, but nothing more than that unless those are really financially savvy people.
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    I think upfront is better in order to compete against the big boys who offer b$g bucks. Some affiliate "gurus" recommend residuals ... but thinking it carefully would tell you that it is not necessarily better ... $2.50 comm per month is only $30 12 months later. But $40 NOW is $40 in YOUR pocket NOW!!
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