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    Eurpoean vs server located in USA

    I've been pricing dedicated servers here in the USA for a few weeks and got to talking with a German friend who sent me to his providers website. I was blown away by how much more the German company provided for less money. For example, their second tier server offers 8gb of RAM most of the ones I have seen offer 1 maybe two--you can get 8 but your gonna pay thru the nose.

    I am seriously considering useing a server in German but wanted to pose the question here before making a final decision. What issues might I expect if my server is in Germany vs USA? -MikeT99

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    Better check that any provider you use has both English and German tech support. The price of servers should't be that much different. Germany is actually the cheapest place in Europe for a dedicated server. Shop around a bit more and you should be able to find something that is within 10-15% of the USA price range.

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    well what do you plan on hosting? hosting games like call of duty or left 4 dead wouldnt be good if you are aimed torwords american players but if your hosting general websites it should be fast in most locations
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    The largest problem I can foresee is latency. Your going to have a higher ping time to a server that is in another continent, however unless you are hosting game servers I doubt you will even notice the increase in ping time.

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    Europe vs USA Dedicated server providers

    No games. Mildly complex php scripts and mysql data bases. Some of my users are located in Germany so I assume they would experience quicker response.

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    You could ask US companies if they can price match.

    But like Valueseedbox said, your biggest issue will probably be latencies, if you have users in the US. - Corp.
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    Your website visitors should determine your location, even within USA (in limited cases - e.g. local community website).

    Also, think about the SERPs. I would think that search engines would prioritize the sites displayed to the user based on their geographic location.

    When choosing web host, price is important but should be at the bottom of your priority list.

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    Mike actually US and Canada are considered as regions with the cheaper web hosting solutions then in the Europe. Maybe that worth to make sure what you need and do another research in the United states?
    BTW what is web hosting solution you currently have in the US and how much do you pay for it?

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    Hi Mike! Where is your target audience located? If that is in the Europe so that would be better have server located somewhere in the Europe. But I assumme that US always the cheaper for the web hosting that Europe. \
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    Dear Mike, This depends on your users' nationality and the visitors' number (UV's).
    Example if you have mostly USA traffic you should stay inside the USA but if you receive >50% EU traffic you can easily host your sites / game servers in Germany.

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    What do you mean by "UV's"?

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    Whats the website? i am looking for something for a while.. and moaned about US prices v UK prices, but germany still might doo?

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    can i ask which provider? There is a couple of good DC's over there.
    It is ideal for UK & Europe visitors, Speeds for scripts should be fine internationally.
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