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    Cost of VPS administration

    Hi guys. I am working on a Django-Ajax commercial web app for which, I am convinced that I need to go for VPS hosting. However, I'd like to outsource the server administration part.

    Can you guys please explain if I can get VPS administration services in the market?

    If yes, how much will it cost? Will it cost a periodical fees, like $$/months? I reside in India and would really appreciate if someone shows light on this topic in the context of Indian Market.

    If it helps, I have decided to go with and have already purchased the domain name. I have studied there plans, but need to know cost for server administration if I outsource it.

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    It could be as cheap as 20$, but you need to know what you're getting yourself into, since the guarantees might not be so high, like problem resolution time; in general, you would want to have the management from the provider, as it is often cheaper than outsourcing it.
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    Thanks for the reply cristibighea.

    So a managed VPS provider is cheaper then. But slicehost vps are not managed.

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    A managed VPS provider would definitely be cheaper than buying an unmanaed vps and looking for outsourced support. However, if you are dead set on an unmanaged provider, and you want cpanel/whm, check out Platinumservermanagement.

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    Check out the VPS Offers forum, you should be able to find deals from Managed Providers. Few that come to mind are Wired Tree, Liquid Web, ServInt.

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    Thank you all for your time. I have been pointed in the right direction.

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    Try this link also to check whether it helps.

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