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    Restoring Incremental cPanel Backups to a new drive

    We have incremental backups running in our server. We want to move the cPanel accounts to a new cPanel server and restore in that server. The Backup Restore option in WHM will recognize only compressed backups (like .tar.gz) when it is placed in the /home directory. So how do I do about restoring a incremental backup through the WHM of the new server?

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    Place it in /backup/cpbackup folder as in your old server, you will be able to restore by clicking "Restore Backups".

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    You can tar the files using a script and place it to home directory for restoring accounts.

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    ^^ Is there a cPanel script which does that?

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    You can use /scripts/cppkg to backup and /scripts/restorpkg for restoration.

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