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    need help with db migration - beginner

    I am planning to move host of my friends to another server, its un-managed

    he asked me to restored db , as he is running an IPB FORUM, I thought I would use the vbulletin docs of backup and restore as I use these typically for most of the scripts and I never had a problem.

    these are the vb docs based on moving into new host and restoring:

    I have the code to do it, but the problem to understand is the following:

    when I am in totally new host,
    do I NEED to create new database either via ssh or control panel and give that name in the ssh code or ?
    do I need to give the old dbname that was used with previous host ?

    its too confusing for me, consider me as beginner @ database transfer on a new host and help me in detailed explanation.
    I have done restore on same server but never done for any one to restore on a different server

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    On new server, you can create database with any name. If you create database with same name as before, you don't need to update new database name, user name and password in forum configuration file.

    If you have cpanel control panel, there is easy site backup and restore feature, you can move site easily.

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    so, basically I have to create first a db in new host rite, it doesn't get created automatically while restoring rite !!

    actually its preferred for ssh restore for forums and no control panel is used
    ya probably planning to use same db name and pwd, my doubt would be would it accept while restoring or will it show the name already exists ?

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    The db won't be created automatically while restoring.

    You can create the new db name as it was in the old server and can restore it. You can do it via ssh easily. It won't display "db name exists" error dialogue.

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    thanks for the doubt clearance krizag and flashwebhost, this would be good enough

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