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    Talking Hetzner for gameservers?

    I've failed to find many threads about Hetzner, and none where people have hosted gameservers. On their site they say they're suitable, their bandwidth looks pretty good, and ping/speeds to sites on their network seem brilliant.

    But will that reflect in a gameserver? I've always found that ping to a site is a whole different story to a gameserver, especially during peak/etc, has anyone got experience with Hetzner, is the bandwidth good and can you push a reasonable amount? (50+ players at once on the whole server, but each takes very little bandwidth I believe, source based games).
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    Ι don't use hetzner for gameservers, only for webhosting. They have fast and stable network with low latency and very helpful staff. There is an unofficial IRC channel on Quakenet ( #hetzner) where I believe you can get more replies to your question.

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