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    Change Multiple Account Passwords || WHM/cPanel


    Does anyone know a way in which multiple account passwords can be modified in WHM/cPanel?

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    I believe you can only do it individually. But you can change the hosting plans for multiple accounts.
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    There is no mass change option for passwords in whm/cpanel, however, you can make a script to automate this using the password change function in /scripts if you need to.
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    Hi ,
    either you will have to do it manually from list accounts option after you login as the whm, changing password individualy too will be faster.. I hope you need different passwords for different accounts.. It should be possible by writing a shell script to do this from terminal, basically keep in mind this that when you are changing the password for a user from whm , the cpanel accounts password , main ftp password , mysql password are getting updated.. So if you write a shell script.. For randomly assigning a password to the cpanel accounts. And saving the password to a file..test it on dummy accounts and then only proceed.. Alan

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    You cannot change multiple account passwords at a time, unless you use a custom script.

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    No there is no such feature to change passwords for multiple account at
    a same time through the WHM. You can only change it manually one by one.
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