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    Thumbs up this is it guys im gonna give the best pitch ever to VC

    i've been ultra conservative all my life, never taking big risks, never really being legendary. i never had a bold and blind passion. i've never had a chance to be AWESOME.

    This is it.

    I'm gonna go in there, give the best damn pitch ever. 20% equity, give me all your money. thats gonna do it just like that. ask for every single penny.

    I will be back if it goes well.

    God speed to myself.

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    I'm assuming VC = Venture Capital?

    Good luck with that.

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    If your idea is solid, they'll probably ask for 80% equity and offer you half as much as you want.

    Good luck though. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    GoodLuck! Venture Capital is an fun game! - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
    8th year in Business, 200+ Servers. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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