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    Talking - $1.49/month & Save additional 30% for Father's Day is now offering cheap and affordable shared hosting and now we offer Reseller Hosting and Shoutcast Hosting at affordable prices. Our cheapest shared hosting package starts at just $1.49 a month if you pick our annual billing option. We offer FREE SETUP and setup will be instant right after payment has been confirmed. If you have problems with our set up, please send us an email at [email protected] OR submit a support ticket directly from

    Here are our Shared Hosting packages:

    Newbie Package:

    Space: 1,000 MB (1 GB)
    Bandwidth: 15,000 MB (15 GB)
    Parked Domains: 10
    Addon Domains: 20
    Subdomains: 50

    FTP Accounts: 50
    mySQL Databases: 50

    Email accounts: 100
    Auto Responders: 100
    Forwarders: 100
    Mailing Lists: 100

    Setup: FREE!
    Monthly Price: $1.99/mo
    Quarterly Price: $5.67 ($1.89/mo)
    Semi-Annually: $10.14 ($1.69/mo)
    Annually: $17.88 ($1.49/mo)

    Order Newbie

    Expert Package:

    Space: 2,500 MB (2.5 GB)
    Bandwidth: 30,000 MB (30 GB)
    Parked Domains: 20
    Addon Domains: 40
    Subdomains: 100

    FTP Accounts: 100
    mySQL Databases: 100

    Email accounts: 200
    Auto Responders: 200
    Forwarders: 200
    Mailing Lists: 200

    Setup: FREE!
    Monthly Price: $2.99/mo
    Quarterly Price: $8.67 ($2.89/mo)
    Semi-Annually: $16.14 ($2.69/mo)
    Annually: $29.88 ($2.49/mo)

    Order Expert

    Pro Package:

    Space: 5,000 MB (5 GB)
    Bandwidth: 60,000 MB (60 GB)
    Parked Domains: unlimited
    Addon Domains: unlimited
    Subdomains: unlimited

    FTP Accounts: unlimited
    mySQL Databases: unlimited

    Email accounts: unlimited
    Auto Responders: unlimited
    Forwarders: unlimited
    Mailing Lists: unlimited

    Setup: FREE!
    Monthly Price: $4.99/mo
    Quarterly Price: $14.67 ($4.89/mo)
    Semi-Annually: $27.14 ($4.69/mo)
    Annually: $53.88 ($4.49/mo)

    Order Pro

    All packages come with:

    cPanel control panel
    Cron Jobs
    Latest Visitors
    Analog Stats
    Error Log
    And More

    Visit to Order today.

    Need a Custom Plan? Need more space or need lower resources because you are on a budget? Contact us any way possible and we will try to fit your needs. We have servers in San Jose and New York City and we are offering free transfers back and forth the servers for a limited time.

    We are also running a special for Father's day where you can save 30% off your entire order by using the coupon "Father's Day" during checkout. This is valid for all shared and reseller packages - Coupon Expires Tuesday June 23, 2009.

    Use coupon code Juna Bug by June 30, 2009 and save a full 15% on your next order. This is valid for both new and old clients. also offers live chat support through our website. Although it is not a 24/7 service as of yet, it is still available. Feel free to use our live chat system to get help sales, support, or billing related questions.

    We accept PayPal funds, AlertPay, Google Checkout as well as credit cards.

    If you have any questions or concerns please ask, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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    due to recent events, Our NYC Server will not be receiving any more new clients. We have a datacenter move planned for this coming Friday and Saturday, until then, all new accounts will be set up in our San Jose Location.

    The Father's Day coupon still has one more day before it expires! Be sure to use it!

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