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    Need help to move from vps to dedi?

    Hello members,

    I am looking into moving into a dedicated server from my current vps,I am currently running cPanel/WHM on my vps.

    I was wondering if it would be good to maybe split my dedicated server into say 1 maybe 2 vps's and keep my shared/reseller clients currently on the dedicated. Obviously the server is going to be quite high spec due to useage on it.

    Do you think this would be a good idea?

    Also i am looking to find the best place to get cheap cpanel/whm license for a dedi?

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    I would look into getting a managed dedicated server provider, from what I have heard, WiredTree and LiquidWeb are excellent providers. If you were going to get a dedicated server anyways, I do not see the point of having two VPSs, that's just gonna be twice the amount of licensing fees and what not!

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    I would agree with Frankiee. Just more to manage from your end. You might consider something like

    Core 2 Quad Q6600 or higher
    8GB of ram

    You should be able to find something like this in the dedicated server advertising forum for around $125 - $200 depending on if you wanted managed as frankiee also mentioned.

    You can try for the cpanel license. They are running a coupon code: instant35 for $35.00 per month for the license. That's about as low as I have seen for it.
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    Of course, a dedicated server is more powerful solution.

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    If you need managed help. Look at platinum server management. They are low priced, and so far are great at teching stuff I can not do.

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