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    Windows Vista/7 Install Fails

    I've been having a bizarre issue with my computer that I finally have the time to try and resolve.

    Rough specs:

    MSI Platinum 7246 V2.1
    Core 2 duo 2.66
    2GB DDR6400
    GeForce 8800GTX
    150GB Raptor
    Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum fatality blah blah
    Akasa 650W PSU

    The system is running XP SP3 without any problems. Originally, I encountered an issue with the Western Digital drive scanner saying that my raptor had errors, but since then those errors seem to have resolved through formatting or something (extensive drive test passes).

    However, currently Partition Magic says that the drive is bad and that I'm unable to partition it without formatting it first. XP has only been installed for a week, as I attempted to install one of the later operating systems to see if the issue was still ongoing.

    If I disable ACPI I am able to install and run Ubuntu with no problems.

    I can install Windows Vista from a legit retail disk. The installation completes but when I restart the computer it hangs at the loading screen. I can resolve this sometimes by booting into Safe Mode and then restarting. The same happens from a burnt ISO. I have also tried using X86 and X64 versions. However, Windows Vista does run perfectly in Virtual PC 2007 on XP.

    Windows 7 freezes at "expanding files". I have downloaded the ISO multiple times, burnt it at various speeds to different kinds of disks. Also tried X86 and X64. I have not yet tried running Windows 7 on Virtual PC.

    I am unable to update my BIOS, despite trying every known method. The Award BIOS flash utility just keeps flashing "Please wait!".

    A few months ago I got a message saying that the graphics card wasn't receiving enough power, but I've not seen this since, and have had no issues, even when playing demanding video games.

    I've tried installing the operating systems on different HDDs with different SATA cables - same issues.

    I have replaced my optical disk drive. Since replacing this running a live disk has been much more stable.

    I have run a memtest which reported no errors.

    I have fixed my master boot record within XP's recovery console.

    I really don't know where to go here, besides slowly replacing every component until the issue is resolved.

    Also, these issues seem to be somewhat intermittent. As it stands, I am unable to run the Ubuntu live disk. It usually freezes at either "setting hardware abstraction layer hald" or when it is attempting to populate the GUI. I am also having problems with detecting USB devices - especially my iPhone, which XP reports to be malfunctioning. This wasn't happening yesterday.

    I'm trying to try out every possible cheap issue before I go out and purchase replacement PSUs and motherboards - so any advice would be truly appreciated.

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    If the drive indicates it's bad, it could have bad blocks on it. From your Vista (or Windows 7) CD, you should be able to open a command prompt. Type.
    chkdsk C: /r
    It will work through 5 phases, checking the disk for physical errors. With your machine I'd say it would take about an hour. When finished, see if any bad blocks are located. The operating system will have "repaired" the blocks by telling the file system(s) to not use it. Then try a reinstall again.

    Also, once you decide to enable or disable ACPI on a Windows machine, you can't change it without reloading the operating system. But I think you already know that

    Are you using the DOS Award BIOS flasher, or a Windows version?

    If the drive is good and all else fails, backup the whole drive and use Partition Magic to wipe clean all the partitions. Then reinstall Vista or Windows 7. Maybe there is something damaged in the file structure that only appears while loading a newer operating system.
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    I have run a chkdsk on my C drive this evening, although I've not yet attempted to install an OS since doing that. Although it's Partition Magic that is saying the drive is bad, not the Western Digital software. Also, this issue is occurring on multiple drives.

    I find it odd that Vista runs perfectly in a Virtual Machine. Is that because there is some form of hardware emulation in place?

    I turned ACPI back on because Vista didn't like it off, but I was indeed aware that I would have to reinstall the OS if I change that setting.

    I'm using the DOS flasher. BIOS downloaded with MSI Live Update and then stuck on bootable CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives and a floppy disk.

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    Definitely try swapping the HDD out.. This issue has occurred with me before. Also, I haven't heard of Akasa before, but if your PSU is giving you intermittent issues, definitely go bigger and with a well-known brand.

    Silverstone, Corsair, Thermaltake, and PC Power&Cooling have all been great to me and all of my clients. Hope this helps =)

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