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    Exclamation Sony Vegas Pro 9 Help needed!!!

    I have my FINAL project due in tommorow. Its the video i've just finished in Sony Vegas Pro 9. I dont have the most powerful laptop so its estimating 9+ hours to render I cant wait that long! I need it in .MOV format (QuickTime) with good quality so I was wondering if there was anychance at all anyone has Sony Vegas Pro 9 and a good computer for rendering such files, I send you the saved file and then you can render it for me and upload or email me it? I need it asap!!


    It has somthing to do with computers still so hopefully this fits in the catagorie.

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    HOw large is the "save file" ?

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    If it's taking 9 hours to render, it's probably far too large to e-mail or upload in any super-short period of time. Besides, today is "tomorrow", so let's hope you figured out a way to finish it.

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    Plus, sending the save file would be useless as we would still need all media files to go along with it. My suggestion would be to export it as raw video and then use conversion software, although I'm quite late on adding this in there.

    the Sony Vegas save file doesn't store anything past the data as to how things are arranged. It does NOT old any media, not even text layers that are created within software -- those are saved as a media file in your scratch folder.

    You'd have to send us (potentially) gigs worth of files which would take longer to transfer over the internet than your rendering would take to complete.

    And why use Vegas 9 if your computer can barely handle it?

    I highly recommend Avid Media Composer.

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