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    Managing Database websites

    How many of you do that as a part time ?
    What are the minimum charges you would ask for while working part time?

    *managing mysql database sites*

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    This all depends on what you mean by managing. This can be anywhere between $15- $35 and hour. Or per contract work/job. I suggest browsing some job sites for description on work, weather it will be code or administration and calculate the average.
    Good luck.

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    Yes, what u mean by "managing mysql database..." !!!

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    Managing database is like site is related to database and if something happens like virus attack or to add some new forms so the admin is able to remove and manage?

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    not that much to do.. monitoring is done auto...
    I have some of those sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferox View Post
    Manging a Mysql database of a site means to secure, monitor, backup and maintain a mysql database used by a website. This involves all steps on the db end.
    So what could be the service charges for such work if website does not deal with huge data, work could be just to update few pages a month and if some security problem occur, solve them as quickly as possible?

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