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    MP3 Player/Speakers & Bicycle Gadgets/Accessories websites text links

    I'm after links from MP3 Player/Speakers & Bicycle Gadgets/Accessories websites. If you run anything in these types of categories please PM me as I may like a text link (or two) on your site

    In return I can offer:
    • Unique content (in return for my link in the article)
    • A return link
    • Money towards the running of your website
    • Some sort of combination
    • Any other ideas? Let me know!

    PM me please or email me: info &
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    My site contains many accessories gadgets, ipod screens, gaming accessories. I can place a banner on my site. Cost is 14.99 a month

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    I stream on in the gaming category. I can offer a text link on my page for a reasonably low price. Anything to help me cover my cost of equipment during these hard times. I have 230 fans that receive email notification when I go live. I stream about five nights a week for around five hours each night. I get 30 viewers within the first ten minutes and lately my popularity has increased and I get about 1,000 unique hits a day. I'll even say something during broadcasts. I appreciate your consideration.

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    Hi I would be quite interested, what would the price be?

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