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    Nicline [split from old thread]

    Im client of Nicline almost for 3 years and im absolutely disappointed.
    in the first was about year fee 100$. when i renew, next month they let to bill this fee.

    they doest integrate with whmcs, so this is an very negative point.

    so i sign with Enom and when i start to transfers my clients domains, simply they blocked them.
    One by one are become expired and im get a big trouble with my clients...

    Nicline never more.

    anyone know who i need to talk to help me with this issue:?

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    Have you tried searching these forums for "nicline" I seem to remember they posted here a long time ago.
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    Service costs
    For only $99 a year you can register as RSP, and have the management tools, at wholesale prices and with the special advantages of NicLine´s Registry Service Provider:

    Complete access to the RSP tools and unlimited registrations to wholesaler accounts.
    Wholesale API included.
    Single affiliation fee: access the best prices from the start, without additional costs.
    Everything looks good to me except the $99 annual service fee.
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    To help you avoid numerous problems in the future I wouldn't recommend you to register a domain with unknown registrars. You will manage economize 2-3 extra dollars, but there is no need to take a risk if you are planning to do online business seriously. Don't regret to pay more in order to deal with reliable registrars only which have won a good reputation at the market - GoDaddy, Name, Namecheap or Network Solutions. These companies seem to be great in their business.

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    Nicline are not an unknown registrar. They are just not well known. I think their offer is pretty good, actually. But I'm happy at GoDaddy, Fabulous and
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