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    Cool Web Site Review

    Hi, I am new to the forum (Just joined this week) and I wanted some people to check out a site I am the webmaster.

    I made it using macromedia flash 5, frontpage and sony pixella. It is over 600 pages total, with over 500 images, and 40 minutes of downloadable digital video, plus 50 text doctuments. I made it 98% of the site from scratch and it took me well over 1000 hours. Its not the most spectacular site on the forum, but I just wanted some constructive feedback.

    Warning: The audience I was making the site for is IUP students who are provided internet on a T-3 internet connection to computer labs with fast computers (1 gig processors and up). If you don't have a broadband internet connection don't even bother to view it because it will take too long to upload. If you have a computer slower then 300 mg processor don't bother either because the flash will seem a bit laggy. Also if you don't like background sound effects, do not go to this site - it is packed with interactive multimedia full of sound fx.

    I hope you enjoy and give some good advice, and don't be too harsh... I am a wimp! lol


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    1) Wrong forum, go one down.

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    2) Indiana University of Pennsylvania? Wooha, finally my home state mentioned somewhere in WHT (although how did Penn. get in there? )

    3) Looks good! Nice flash intro!
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    About the speed and if my computer isnít fast enough or the internet connection isnít, well my only advice is I believe every website should be accessible to everyone. Like a building, if a building is opened to the public it MUST have some way a wheel chair person can access it. So I believe a website is the same way, when I use to use flash on my websites, I always left a straight HTML site for people who couldnít use flash or any other reasons why they couldnít use my flash section. That is just my view, I say if it is a site that need special requirements to run, you should also have a plan b for some one else.

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    I am not saying that a person couldn't see the site if they don't have the specific parameters, I am just saying the audience that it is intened for is equipped to view a rich site like this. A person with a slower internet connection could definetely see this site, it would just be a bit laggy and would take longer to download. All the information would still be available to them. So its not that someone couldn't view it, its just that it was created for a specific audience with prederived parameters.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    I sent you an E-mail to your IUP account, I just want to let you know.


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