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    Question Latest Opinions on Cost/Performance, What's the best value config nowadays?


    I've been leasing for few years and want to switch to colo for long term savings.

    I was hoping to find out the general consensus on Single or Dual CPU's for overall price/performance in a general usage shared environment.

    I remember when dual cores started coming out the benchmarks showed that dual core CPU's were more efficient and even faster than dual CPU.
    Quad core came along and everyone kind of jumped on them as the new standard right away. (mainly using single CPU configs it seemed)
    So now here we are with quad core, virtual 8 cores and intel is even talking about more.
    So where do we stand now?

    I used to always hear that the best price performance value was to go very high end on servers and put more sites on it. That made sense to me.
    Has the hardware kind of surpassed that theory now?
    Should a single CPU (eg. 5530) be enough for most general workload nodes?
    Has the area of concern shifted more towards the hdd's or the network rather than the raw processing power of the server?

    As an example what's the most common server config you guys running shared hosting are deploying nowadays?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1U Dual Xeon L5520 with 12x2GB DDR3-1066 UDIMM ECC is the best performance per watt per dollar configuration. You either build it yourself using supermicro gear or call up your favorite vendor and get one of the following three systems:

    HP DL160G6
    Dell R610
    Sun X2270

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