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    Transfering from GoDaddy to HostGator...Is it ok to keep GD as a registrar?

    From my previous post here. I've decided to switch to a more reputable hosting company, which is also cheaper, and has allot more to offer....HostGator. Since my account at Godaddy is only a few weeks old, I cannot transfer to another registrar until after 60 days. I noticed that in order to switch registrar from GD (GoDaddy) to HG (HostGator), I have to pay $15 per domain. I have a total of 3.

    Q1. I'm trying to save where possible, so I was wondering, since HG is my new hosting company, is it possible to just cancel my hosting account at GD and keep them as a registrar?

    Q2. Any pros/cons to keeping a registrar at one company and hosting at another?

    Q3. At GoDaddy, all I did was just change the NS to point to HostGator's NS, is that all that's necessary to have my domain name at GoDaddy and keep my actual site and content at HostGator?

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    You don't need to transfer you domain just to change hosting providers.
    You should be able to just cancel your hosting with godaddy and change your DNS to HG.
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    Agreed. There is no need to transfer the domains over, just leave them at GoDaddy. Switch the DNS to them and you are all set!

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    Set your name servers to what hostgator provided your welcome email and you will be all set.

    It's often a misconception that you have to pay a transfer fee on top of a hosting fee just to get your hosting going.

    It is even often recommended to keep your domain separate from your web hosting provider to keep your provider from running off with both your site AND domain if they was to ever go under.

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    Unless you've been with a web hosting provider for quite some time, know that they're reliable enough for your needs and that you won't be leaving anytime soon, it's best to keep the domain separate from the web hosting service. Keep your domain with GoDaddy and switch the DNS based on the servers that HostGator provides you with.

    In the event things go south for you, in any case, you will simply be able to switch the DNS to another hosting provider since you will be in control and won't have to request a transfer of the domain again.
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    I would suggest leaving your domain name at GD. This will give you greater control over your domain name. If you intent to change your web hosting provider, it is done easily without the need of transferring the domain name out of HG.
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    I don't think there is any need to move registrar when you change host as others have said...

    It is not a big issue to have separate domain registrar and web host
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    Just change nameservers and point the domain to Host Gator. Act in the way that you described in Q3.

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    I have a domain at GoDaddy and my hosting is through HostGator. What has been said above is correct. Put in both the nameservers that HostGator gives you ( ) on the GoDaddy end. The nameserver info can be found at the bottom left of your Hostgator cPanel.

    I canceled my hosting and email through GoDaddy and I believe I got a small refund, don't remember though it's been a while. Good Luck.

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    There is no con at all of keeping your domain registered with GoDaddy and having your hosting with HostGator. Changing your nameservers to the HG ones is all that is required.
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    Why did so many people say the same thing over and over when the first and second reply already covered everything?

    The mysteries of WHT..

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    Thanks everyone. I went ahead and change the nameservers to Hostgator. All is well.

    Quote Originally Posted by coax View Post
    Why did so many people say the same thing over and over when the first and second reply already covered everything?

    The mysteries of WHT..
    Typical forum behaviour. Though it's better to hear the same consensus from several, rather than one person.

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    It's called getting their sigs in

    Quote Originally Posted by coax View Post
    Why did so many people say the same thing over and over when the first and second reply already covered everything?

    The mysteries of WHT..

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