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    Large Apache domlogs

    I need to delete and reset the domlogs files from Apache server, as they have become too large, but I want to keep a record of the past few years website stats.

    I could download the domlogs files (they look like MS-DOS applications) but once I have I am not sure how to read them, is there some off server application that could open these files? I currently view stats in awstats from cPanel, but the size of the files is causing problems with updating now.

    The only thing I can think of doing is taking screenshots of the relevant stats that I want to keep, before deleting the files, but was thinking there must be a better solution than that.

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    Once the stats have been run (like awstats or webalizer), you don't need to keep the raw logs anymore. You can remove the raw logs and the existing stats should still be there. This is how it is normally done. The logs are reset after the stats are run. This keeps the space low and makes it more efficient.

    Please check first in case you have any different unusual setup though, make backups before doing anything.
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    I'd stop apache, move the logs to another folder and restart apache. and I'd compress the logs to rar or to bz2, they can compress quite a lot

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    If you haven't done so already, you should setup some sort of log rotation so that logs are manageable. Logrotate will automatically rename the log, start a new one, and compress them. You can keep however many copies you want.


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    Thanks very much, all this advice has been useful to me and I am working on fixing the problem with this advice I have been given.

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