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    * suggestions...!!

    hello everyone,

    i am trying to launch a web portal which is basically about giving updates to the users... through SMSes and emails apart from the contents on the sites..

    i already have a domain..and am looking for a hosting firm which could provide me not just the hosting service but also web designing too..i am a newbie so i will be needing quite a lot hand holding...

    so pls suggests some hosting firms as well as some ideas to go about it...

    thanks to you all

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    Why wouldn't you order design and hosting services separately?

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    What's your budget? Do you have a script and provider to handle the SMSes? If you want simply web design, that'd cost $50-$250, and hosting can be as little as $5 per month.

    But if you want a custom script, or a lot of hand holding etc, that could get costly. Let us know your budget, and whether you have the scripts and SMS providers ready
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    It may be better to order web hosting and web design separately as those are two different areas of expertise. Some may offer both services but in my experience, it is best to go to companies that specialize in just those areas. Better quality work on the site and better quality hosting. =D
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    I assume you need to start with web design. Once you have your web site ready you will know how that is difficult and what is web hosting service you need. That is impossible to guess before hand. I assume that is to early to start looking for the web hosting solution for you
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    Perhaps webhost that provide you with good website builder can suit you.

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    As a rule, all reliable hosting providers don't provide web design services it is better to order them separately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 911urgententerprise View Post
    Perhaps webhost that provide you with good website builder can suit you.
    Yes, most hosts provide website templates, Fantastico scripts, website building software, but they don't offer web design and development services. For this purpose it is better to hire a professional web designer.

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    Hello, most of th web hosting providers offer just web hosting services. Probably you will have to find a designer that also offers web hosting service.

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    thank you all...

    now i get some idea on how to go about it..

    --- have the website designed first... meet all the requirements..
    --- look for a hosting.. but i still dont know which one shud i choose.. hostgator sounds fine but it seems they are more inclined towards reseller accounts (i dont know if this matters in my case though)..

    --- could anyone throw some lights on SMS options which i am planning.. will this be handled by the designers or do i have to approach a different provider..

    --- and lastly which designer would be the best for a low budget one..say below $100..

    --- i am based in India if that matters

    Thank you all...

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    ut it seems they are more inclined towards reseller accounts
    They have quite a few times more shared hosting customers than resellers, although indeed, at some point in their history they were quite focused on the resellers market.

    --- and lastly which designer would be the best for a low budget one..say below $100..
    That budget makes me think more of a template edit, than a full website design, especially if it involves programming. Maybe you can find a content management system (CMS) with plugins that fit your particular needs.

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