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    Thumbs up Virtual subdomain patent invalidated!

    This was part of the EFF's patent busting project. The patent was just revoked. The owner can still appeal, but I doubt they will since there's tons of prior art.

    There was a patent owned by Ideaflood (later transferred to Hoshiko) on having a wildcarded DNS entry for your domain and using scripts (or say, mod_rewrite) to show or redirect to user pages.

    Something like, oh,

    Back in 2004 they threatened a bunch of hosts and filed a couple suits over what was common knowledge at the time.

    Ars Technica has a story on the patent busting.

    Anyone remember this going on back then?

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    I find it hard to believe a patent would be granted on that to begin with - heck even I used such techniques back in the day. Imho it *was* common knowledge.
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    s staggering what they grant patents for these days though, a simple combination of know methods to do an existing things slightly different = patent - I mean, come on! lol Imagine if the cooking industry had patents on recipes for example, crazy world! - Thankfully there are still no patents applied to computer software in the EU hehe :-)
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    It seems like the U.S. patent office may lack sufficient experts to verify the validity of a lot of patent applications. Just my guess, though.

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    I find it disconcerting that the US Patent Office would issue such a patent in the first place. It would have taken a short time to find dozens of companies back in 1999 that would provide wildcard sub domains.

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