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    I just got a VPS to learn on...

    And will not be selling any reseller accounts on it and plan on setting up clients web sites in root.

    They will probably never even log in to their Cpanel.

    Is there any security risk doing it this way rather than say, setting MYSELF up as a reseller and putting client sites there?

    It is a good thing I got this to learn, and I have already learned that... there is PLENTY for me to learn

    I got it at Aquarius Storage where I have had a reseller account for a few months and liked their service just fine. I have only had the VPS for a few days and have only put up a few small sites and all is good. I am not really qualified to judge the VPS just yet, but I can for sure say that the VPS was setup in about an hour and has worked perfectly. Thank you RyanC. I wanted to take myself to the next level of hosting as I plan on learning and doing more and there is just something fascinating about the Linux Web Server stuff that I cannot fully explain Dave

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    Doesn't matter if you add them under root or a reseller. Under Tweak Settings -> System (WHM) I would enable "Use jailshell for all new accounts".
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    Excellent, thanks. I just as soon keep things as simple as possible and ad them under root. I will check and make sure the tweak you mentioned is checked. Thanks. I may never be Steven C, but I would like to learn a bit, for sure

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