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    Modifications to WHMCS "products" page

    Good evening guys,

    I need to make some changes to our WHMCS configuration. There's no major changes that need to made, just things such as the following:

    * Configuring the server add ons. (this has been done for some servers, but not all) such as hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades, etc.

    * Operating System Selecion (again, this has already been configured for some servers, but not all... I do not want to track down each one that's wrong and fix it).

    I think the upgrade from WHMCS v3.x to v4.x caused a lot of these options to disappear or have issues.

    There's only about 10 server types that I need the options changed on, so this should be a fairly quick project for someone who knows what they're doing.

    Please send me an email to [email protected] letting me know your price and experience. Hopefully this is enough detail, drop me a line if you need more.

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    Hey John, it's me Victor, I would be happy to do it for free As I have some great experience in WHMCS + site integration.

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