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Thread: Plesk VPS Hosts

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    Plesk VPS Hosts

    A few years back I did an extensive report on VPS hosts. (The report lives somewhere in this forum.) Interesting to note that very few of the reported companies are still in business!

    I've been thinking recently that it may be time to seek out a new host. It seems the un-written rule of '3 years of hosting' has hit me. That rule states that any host will perform beautifully for 3 years and slowly implode around the 3 year mark, forcing customers to seek shelter under rocks and new hosts.

    My current setup is:
    64-bit CentOS
    512MB RAM
    20GB HD
    1000GB transfer
    4 IPS

    I think my Plesk license allows for up to 30 sites. I pay around $30 a month since I pay semi-annually and also got some birthday promo code (Born of the 4th of July.)

    I see some names I like in this forum, but no Plesk. That's a deal breaker. I have have used many many control panels (hey, do they still make Ensim?) and Plesk is it for me. (Yeah it has its downsides but for the most part, it is tops for me.)

    My current host performs a good initial security service (ie firewall, security settings, /tmp, etc etc). Outside of parting the red sea, they are pretty good at email support... well, some of their Techs are. Mostly it is the increase in technical service issues and downtime that concerns me, thus I want to be ready to move if it should become necessary.

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    Talking From a pioneer Plesk user...

    I used ALL Plesk releases, since its first RC in the deceased and buried Feature Price (argh!) in Fort Lauderdale, in the dawn of VPS era. Yeah, Plesk is fine, no doubt, but after using also ALL other control panel availables, like Direct Admin, cPanel, Confixx, Plesk & Parallels, Cube, LxAdmin, ISPConfig, Server CP and more, I verified that the in fact the best in show is the obvious: cPanel! Yeah, it is an idiot collection of scripts, not exactly a genial piece of sofware with an artistic interface, but cPanel has this advantage: use it and no more to do...
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    Try the FIND A HOST option to see what kind of offers you get from plesk vps providers. However the 3 years rule for hosting companies definitely does not apply to many providers out there, that have been very stable/steady for many many years

    Good luck
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    Take a look at, with their offer: you can get a Gold VPS with Plesk, and managed services for under $30/month
    with following specs:
    - 20 GB SA-SCSI Disk Space
    - 700 GB bandwidth
    - Full root access - Install the software you want
    - 2 Dedicated IPs
    - 768 MB SLM RAM
    - Plesk (10 domain) or cPanel (unlimited)

    and I think a Plesk 100 domain cost around $3/month extra.

    I have used them for over a year, and I'm very happy with their services.
    You can also look at, but they offer both Windows and Linux VPS solutions.
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