Hey Everyone,
We have been successfully been running our main hosting server on Plesk and Windows 2003 for 2 years now. We are running both Smartermail enterprise and smarterstats professional very successfully too (both running the latest versions).

We have constantly updated our Plesk version and are running 9.2 now. We want to expand our network to allow a certain level of failover. What would be ideal is another plesk server which replicates absolutely everything such as hosting panel configuration, windows dns, mailbox, IIS web sites etc.

I realize that this doesn't seem to be supported by Plesk so as a first move I still wouldn't mind having a 2nd server which just run a secondary DNS server and smartermail spooler.

In terms of the DNS how should we go about doing this? Everything I have found on windows DNS suggests that we would have to setup every domain individually which is less than ideal. Is there a way to replicate all zones automatically between the 2 servers?