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    Talking ** LogicDepths ** Amazing Deal - Server Management - 2 Servers @ $15.00!

    Hello there WHT Users!

    Buy one Plan.. Get another Free!

    LogicDepths is giving you a chance to manage your servers at one heck of a cheap price! With the knowledge of many years in business. We are giving you a chance at aHOT Offer for your management service!

    What do our Server Management Include?

    Initial Server Setup

    - VPS Setup & Dedicated Server Setup!
    - Kernel Harden (Unlimited Server)
    - Backup Schedule Setup
    - Control Panels - Securing, Monitoring, Patching, Debugging and System Updates!
    - Server Migration - (Have a old server and a new server? Want to transfer all files, emails, databases!)
    - Firewall Installations - (Added per upon request)
    - Server Upgrades -(cPanel/WHM, FTP, Apache, PHP etc..)
    - Monitoring your Server 24/7!
    - Unlimited Management Work ( We do not limit on the work we do for you. And neither charge additional costs!)

    :: Order Now ::
    :: Price: $15.00 Monthly ::
    :: Add another Server free! We manage your 2 Servers at the cost of $15.00! ::
    :: Additional Server Cost's: $5.00 PM!

    Thank you!
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    Just to let you know, when you click on any other payment interval, it is $0.00 (ex: semi-annually).

    Also your [B] tags are not working.

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    a question: if my server is down, wi
    ll u login my server to fix and restart it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by energetic View Post
    a question: if my server is down, wi
    ll u login my server to fix and restart it ?
    Yes, You will have to leave those information with us. And we will do the job

    Thank you
    ~ Abby

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    Windows server support? - VPS Control Panel
    Automating and monitoring your hosting business.

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