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Thread: VPS at eUKhost

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    VPS at eUKhost

    I'm looking for a Windows VPS package and I've been recommended eUKhost. As a hosting noob, I know nothing about them and whilst I know not to judge a book by its cover the state of their web site doesn't fill me with confidence.

    So, I had a few quick questions about eUKhost and VPS hosting in general:

    1. eUKhost - are they any good?
    2. It says I get 150gb bandwidth a month - is that good? How many visits would that account for on a typical web site?
    3. I know nothing about VPS - does it require more knowledge about hosting and servers than your average shared package?
    4. What's a good price for a low level VPS package. Is 25 a month reasonable?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    I would definitely recommend eUKHost.

    I'm not sure of the translation in terms of bandwidth for webhosting, 150GB should get you over 100,000 views per month to your website.

    At eUKHost, all plans are fully managed, therefore 24/7 Livesupport is available 365 days per year if you require it.

    25 per month is definitely reasonable, remember that it's fully managed and 24x7x365 support is a free bonus

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    Definitely try the search function here on WHT and I'm sure you'll find many reviews. Also try the FIND A HOST option if you want to see other offers you can get.

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