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    Partnering to Share Costs

    Hi there,

    Costs are always cheaper when they're shared.
    So, I'm thinking of finding a Toronto-based small business that also needs a data centre, office/support staff and sharing resources.

    Has anyone tried this approach?
    The biggest savings could be in support staff, methinks. Also, as you know office space is cheaper in bulk.

    I don't think a merger would be needed.

    Any thoughts on this idea? <snipped>
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    Yeah things can be cheaper when they're shared, but unless you find a reputable or trusted company this could turn into hassle fast. If you really do want to go this route, my best advice would be to share costs -- but only for as long as needed. Once you can pay for everything, shake hands and split to paying everything for yourself.

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    Sharing space is one thing, but sharing employees is very hard to do because how do you determine which partner gets priority or which one gets what time period, etc. It can turn into a very big problem.
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    You are looking to share a data centre or colocation space?
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    Partnership is always good for saving costs ... but as others have said, it might turn out into something problematic in the future.

    There should be clear agreement to create partnership to avoid any unexpected issue in the future.
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    "Money makes the world go round"
    I strongly believe in this quote - when money starts to roll in, there are always issues with a Partnership setup in Business. I recently got out of one and I'm glad I did at the right time.

    There is a demand for Support Services anywhere in the world so if you can focus on this niche and grow that will be great. You don't need an office to start up with, you can start small and grow from there.

    Good luck!

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    Partnerships make businesses complicated. If they were to be made. It has to be defined in detail in writing on who gets what, who does what, etc.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I guess the answer is that it is not enough to find a partner but to find the right partner.

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    I would avoid partnership whenever possible. There are definitely other ways to reduce your costs other than having a partner. What about sub-letting part of your office space to freelancers? | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    Partnerships can work but many don't. I have a partner at HostNexus who is also a childhood friend (since I was 13). It's only our strong friendship that made the partnership work. Because when times are hard you're under a lot of stress and this is when most partnerships fail.
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