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    Thumbs up TidyHosts UK Review

    The following is a review of TidyHosts ( based on my personal experiences and thoughts, as a customer.

    My Situation
    I contacted TidyHosts about a week ago in a pretty desperate position after having suddenly lost my host and 5 days worth of data overnight. I was looking for a UK based host that would be similar to my previous host and actually made a post here on WHT requesting suggestions. TidyHosts was one of the names that came up, and after reading their site and asking a few pre-sales questions, they seemed to fit the bill nicely.

    Pricing 9/10
    After a string of emails to sales (at 10pm!), a custom plan that was similar to what I was on at my previous host was agreed. For 22/month I am getting the following:

    30gb HD
    400gb Bandwidth
    512mb Ram
    1024mb Swap
    4 IPs
    Shared 100mbit

    This is a little more than I was paying at my previous host, but my previous server was a special offer which I ordered about 2-3 years ago. I do not mind paying more for a good quality host, which is what I feel TidyHosts are, and so far I do not regret my decision to take the custom plan. I ordered at around 11pm, the server was up and ready to go within 20 minutes (I opted to install cPanel myself).

    Support 10/10
    I have contacted support 3 times at times varying from around 11am to 2pm, each time I have received quick and knowledgeable replies, the quickest (rDNS) being 2 minutes (!) and the slowest (a cPanel problem) being 11 minutes. Those times rival response times I have had at larger companies, furthermore, I am on an unmanaged plan.. so I am pretty impressed. The two staff members I have been in contact with, Ian and James, have been very helpful in particular.

    Reliability 10/10
    I have only been with TidyHosts for a week, so I am not really in a good position to comment on reliability. In case anyone is interested, I have had absolutely no problems with either downtime or the network over the past week, so based on what I know.. 10/10 is a fair rating.

    Pricing: 9/10 More expensive than some hosts I have used previously, most likely due to higher cPanel costs and the DCs they are located in, but I do feel that you get what you pay for.
    Support: 10/10 Knowledgeable and very fast, beats most of the larger companies I have tried.
    Reliability: 10/10 Not been with them long enough to comment, but so far I have had 0 downtime or network issues.

    I am very happy with my move to TidyHosts, and hope to remain a client of theirs for a long time. I would feel confident suggesting their services to anyone that is looking for a good UK based VPS host.

    Sorry if it was a bit more 'story' than 'review'. If people have found this useful, I will post another review after I have been with them a bit longer.

    If mods need proof I am actually a client with them, I would appreciate instructions on how to do that.


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    Glad to see such a detailed review, thanks for sharing and definitely keep us posted in the future

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    Thanks for an excellent review RandomCoder - I should probably write up something similar myself!

    I've been with them since Jul 12th 2007, and I was actually surprised when I checked my PayPal history and saw that. I thought it might have been a year or so, but instead it's been nearly two already. Time flies by, and they have been nothing but excellent. I don't think my service has skipped a beat since, performance has been outstanding, and support response has been quick and knowledgeable.

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    Thanks for the nice comments about the review guys, i'll be sure to post another in a few months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoel View Post
    I don't think my service has skipped a beat since, performance has been outstanding, and support response has been quick and knowledgeable.
    That is good to know.

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    The irony is that it actually did so today, due to a faulty power distribution unit in the rack I am hosted in. The initial disruption due to that was a reboot, and I had a response within 30 minutes with information of the cause and that it was being addressed. A couple of hours later I had another quick outage (something like 10 minutes top) while they installed a new replacement. Everything is now fine, and their support staff updated me on the issue throughout the process without encouragement/naging from my side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomCoder
    If mods need proof I am actually a client with them, I would appreciate instructions on how to do that.
    You can do that by reporting an IP or domain hosted there. Here is the link.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Follow up your review as you said.

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