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    Windows 2008 Server + Plesk: Security Questions

    I would like to setup a new dedicated server with the following:

    - Windows Server Standard 2008 64bit Edition
    - Plesk control panel


    Anyone know of a thorough tutorial on securing/optimizing a Windows 2008 server (even with Plesk) for a shared hosting environment?

    Other ?'s:

    Considering Plesk's rip-off pricing, any free and quality alternatives to their products?

    - plesk dr.web antivirus
    - acronis trueimage backup
    - plesk powerpack (I guess $24.99/mo lease isn't too horrible)

    Thank you.

    PS: I basically want to replicate a Cpanel shared/reseller hosting environment, but with Plesk since Cpanel for Windows is not yet available and been delayed forever.

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    To start, the Windows 2008 Security Guide from Microsoft comes to mind.

    You can find that here

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