NetDepot VPS Special Offer 33% off!!!
With the state of the economy these days, why would you want to throw money away on VPS’ that underperform and are oversold? NetDepot VPS are NOT oversold - they are a way to have a slice of a better server without breaking the bank.

We are now offering 33% off of service when you sign up for 6 months of service!

That’s 6 months of service with the best VPS servers on the market for only the price of 4. You would have to be insane not to take advantage of a deal like this.

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NetDepot’s VPS systems are based on OpenVZ and come standard with HyperVM Management Portal, reboot access, Automated OS reloads and LX Admin control panel. These servers have an advantage over low end servers because they are on higher end multi core machines which have a fully raided drive array for the same price! These VPS’s are on GNAX’s Gold Route Optimized Bandwidth to give our customers 99.999% reliability on their server connection! Your data is also protected behind our leading edge top layer IPS that protects from DDoS, key exploits and viruses. If you are looking for a cost effective, highly productive and efficient server, then our new VPS’s are the way to go!

Entry VPS
• 512 MB RAM
• 25 GB HDD
• 350 GB Bandwidth
• ONLY $156/ 6 months with coupon!>>

Midrange VPS
• 1024 MB RAM
• 50 GB HDD
• 1,000 GB Bandwidth
• ONLY $236/ 6 months with coupon!>>

Enterprise VPS
• 2048 MB RAM
• 100 GB HDD
• 2,000 GB Bandwidth
• ONLY $436/ 6 months with coupon!>>

Check out our ultra affordable month to month prices as well!!!

Entry VPS: $39/month

Midrange VPS: $59/month

Enterprise VPS: $109/month

Q. Are the VPS systems managed or unmanaged?
a. NetDepot’s VPS systems are unmanaged
Q. Are the VPS systems backed up?
a. NetDepot’s VPS systems are not backed up, however backup systems are available for upgrade purchase
Q. What OS;s are supported?
a. Centos / Ubuntu / freebsd / fedora