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    SEO/Domain Name/ GoogleTop search queries

    Hi everyone Im pretty new to this scene and learned a lot reading posts here and is grateful for this resource.

    I recently published my first website and are stuggling on getting high on google...and being one of the criterias for the succes of the site its very frustrating, so i have some questions and ideas i would like to run by and see what the feedback and advise is.

    1. My domain name is very bad from a SEO perspective but i choose it becasue its catchy and it makes sense, however none of the words somebody would type in to google to reach the site are included, so I was thinking maybe getting an additional domain name simply based on something someone would type in to google and direct it to my primary website..would that work? and if so how would you advise me to do this and redirect it?

    2. My webmaster tool at Google is not showing any Top search queries other than the name of my website..I have feeling that if somebody is searching in google on the topic of my website Im not even included in the search..why is that? I have put in meta tags on my website and posted a there something else i need to do to be included in the search terms?

    Im a beginner and appreciate all the help, Thanks

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    by the way my domain name is

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    You should never choose a domain name for SEO reasons. Whatever advantage you gain distills down to a few extra links and your decision should always be based on what you believe the customer is looking for. So you have done nothing wrong there. The key to ranking is your page title. You have two. Why? I would assume it does no harm and I assume both work. But what you need in order to rank are back links that include the key words you have in those title'S.

    Have a look for a thread we are running SEO Workshop and submit your site to the list of directories that are still accepting free submissions. Vary the title using different combinations of the words in your title tags and your site should start bouncing around in the search results within three weeks or so.

    Keep it simple. There is no need to try all those "clever" moves you get to hear about. This is drudgery, its routine. It about repeating what you do every day, how long you stick it out and there are no short cuts that work long term.

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    yup, as rainchild says - choose what makes sense - keywords in urls have less importance these days now anyway, as people tried to use them to force improved rankings in google.

    stick with the basic SEO principlies , keep it simple, get good SEO compatability on your site, and remember, content is still the main thing that will help - good content makes people WANT to link to you, a good link from a popular site or blog to you can really help things much more than many other options.
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    Domain is important but I think title and description have more importance than domain so its better to concentrate on improving the title and description first.

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    thank you guys for all the tips and advice!

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    You should refresh your keyword phrases. Take a honest look on your targeted keyword phrases. Also refresh your content be sure to intersperses a targeted keyword and phrases in the content of each page. Refresh on your meta tags.
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