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    Half Life and HL MOD web control panel

    We are looking for someone to create a webbased interface to allow our clients to use rcon commands via a web interface. The ability to change maps, rcon, all the regualr stuff. We have seen that other companies have similar ones.

    If you think you have the skills please email me and lets get the ball rolling.


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    i am currently making one of these , well about to start for 2 people i know , ill let u know when im done

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    Fantastic, please let me know when you are completed.



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    What about ? Would that work for you?

    Dedicated, Reseller, and Shared Hosting
    [email protected]

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    Myself and a partner have already completed what you want (and more), but the plug got pulled on the project (i.e., we didn't get paid) so it's up for grabs now. E-Mail me ([email protected]) if you want to see a demonstration.
    Jon Coulter

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    Check your mail please.



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