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    * 100Mbps Managed Unmetered Servers Now 20% Save Over $100 Managed Unmetered Dedicated Servers:

    Organic Package
    Atom 330
    2GB RAM
    250GB HDD
    100Mbps unmetered

    $159.96 after coupon code "WHT20"

    Organic Package
    2GB RAM
    250GB HDD
    100Mbps unmetered

    $199.96 after coupon code "WHT20"

    Crystal Package
    Quad Core Xeon 3220
    4GB RAM
    2x250GB HDD
    100Mbps unmetered

    $279.96 after coupon code "WHT20"

    Plasma Package
    Dual Xeon 5520
    12GB RAM
    4x250GB HDD
    100Mbps unmetered

    $479.96 after coupon code "WHT20"

    - 100Mbps Unmetered Traffic ~ 60TB in+out
    - Upgrade to 1Gbps Unmetered for additional $400
    - We'll match any established competitor's plan email [email protected]
    - Money Back Guarantee
    - 24/7 Support

    Find out more @

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    What transit providers are used for this promotion, and can we choose which DC the servers will be in? And how much bandwidth can we push, since your network page isnt clear:

    "You'll be able to push at least combined transfer of 60TB or sustained 40-60Mbps per month with the 100Mbps package."

    At least 60TB means 100Mbit in and 100Mbit out sustained. At the same time you say 40-60Mbit sustained. Which one is it?
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    We use a blend of HE, Tiscali, TeliaSonera, Cogent, Limelight, Savvis, Time Warner depending on the route preferences through

    You can push 40-60Mbps sustained, the transfer calculation is incorrect.

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