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    Is there anyway that has website transfered to another hosting when current one down

    Hello everybody,
    I don't know which category i should post this topic. It both concerns with programming,hosting and domain as well.
    Have we had any solution for a website with multi hosting? I mean how to prevent it from being down by transfering it to another host. I know that it is about A record. If my site down, i should immediately change A record point to another IP of a backup server. However, it still takes time.

    Any one here have ideas of this problem?

    Thank you for your reading. It must be hard to understand 'thanks to' my English.

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    Try to look into DNS failover services. Keeping the data in sync may be a tougher issue though. Maybe you can have a "static" version of your site in the backup location, so that the site isn't completely down, even if the functionality won't be there.

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    Is your domain name registered with same company?
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    When did you perform file backups the last time? If you perform backups regularly then I can see no problems.

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    There are third party DNS Services available to allow the use of two servers or more. It won't a cheap solution though. Other considerations would also be having to have scripts to syncronise all the servers.

    I would say.. use a better web hosting provider.
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    Use DNS failover services can take 1-2 hours or 12 hours in case of Asia ISP. their DNS update not often. this seems to be unsolvable.

    A good web hosting provider certainly cannot help in this case too.

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    I'd recommend for what you're trying to achieve.

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    Please check this thread

    set DNS1 in your server1 and point to server1
    set DNS2 in your server2 and point to server2
    set DNS expire time to 30s or less

    Once server1 (DNS1) is down, the trafic will go to server2 (DNS2)
    The downtime is less than DNS expire time

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    Quote Originally Posted by David iHostHut View Post
    Once server1 (DNS1) is down, the trafic will go to server2 (DNS2)
    The downtime is less than DNS expire time
    I take it you never actually tried this and that you are pretty new to hosting / DNS configurations right?

    When you give a set of name servers to your registrar you do realize that they are setup in a round robin fashion right?
    This means that "half" of your traffic would go to server 1 and half would go to server 2 (when both are up).

    When both of your name servers are up your domain would fail numerous DNS checks since nothing matches anywhere.
    Also if you have one name server go down, then the other one a short time later (even if the first one goes back up) you are still guaranteeing 100% downtime.

    This is not a configuration that I would recommend at all.

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