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    UK Dedicated Servers (I think)

    I am in need of a Dedicated Servers (Windows x 3)

    They would need to be setup for the following

    1 x Domain Hosting & Run MS SQL Express edition 2008
    1 x Mail (I have got my own Program)
    1 x Run Database MS SQL Web Edition 2008 and mySQL

    Any recommendations please I will more then likely need 7 IP's and my own DNS.

    Any help or tips as well if possible.


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    Unless you're using anything intricate, I'd recommend taking a gander at Google Apps E-mail hosting, so you wouldn't need a mail server.

    You should also specify what sort of hardware you need on the servers, but if you're not running latency sensitive applications, you could do fine with a US host, and you won't be paying VAT.
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    It is for running websites (e-commerce etc) so I think -

    160 GB Hardrive (or more)
    Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz
    Helm / Plesk Control Panel (unlimited Domain)
    2GB Ram
    Managed if posible

    Hopefully this will help.
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