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    Connection problem


    There is one strange problem to one of my customer.

    His domain already propagated to our server and when he view his site from his PC , his site works fine for the 1st two hours.When he try to refresh the site after this,the site is accessible.He have to restart his PC and the site is then viewable again.

    Any recommendation of the course?


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    how powerfull of computer and what webserver are you running the site on? maybe the computer is under some kind of DoS attack. Have you been getting strange log entries?
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    What operating system is he using? It sounds like a caching problem with the DNS. I used to know the commands for checking the DNS cache on a local computer under Windows, but I've forgotten them. He may also want to check with his ISP and make sure he is using the correct DNS servers. Have him conduct a traceroute when he can access the site and another one when he cannot and look for any disimiliarities.

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