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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hi peepz,
    thought Id say hello as a new member of the forum.

    I new to the web hosting business, and recently was made redundent from my job so I though Id start up and give all a go.

    I am a web designer by trade , but the hosting is proving a challenge.

    I have signed up for a reseller package with EUKHOST and so far they seem OK

    The problem I am having is with Whois.cart. the amount of information regarding this cart is far and few between, their forums are dead and most of the links dont work.

    I not so used to PHP and just need some information on customising the look and feel.

    Does anyone else use this software or have I just purchased a dead horse.

    also, can any one point me in the direction a TLD registars? i would like to be able to sell directly from my site.

    thanks guys

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    For registrars, try getting in touch with and become a reseller to sell domains directly.

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    Welcome to the forums!!

    I haven't used whois.cart, but if you're looking for a management software to do your billing and support tickets check You can also get a free enom or directi domain reseller account where you can sell domains directly from your website.

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    thanks for the quick replies guys!!

    i just signed up with WHMCS, now got to try and get my cash back from whois cart. ggrrrr they have prper p155ed me off!

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