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    Adult hosting, EU based, small package

    Hi all.

    I am looking for a host that allow adult content.

    it is to be used for a blog, wordpress based with a minimum of space requirements.

    EU based is a must have.

    currently it is using 25mb + 200mb bw/month.

    I need it to be cpanel based and with awstats.

    Mysql is not required as it is hosted aldready.

    so I am looking for something reliable with a fair amount of space/bw for a small monthly price.

    not required but a nice thing to have would be the posibility for more domains on the account.

    Eny host you can recommend for this?

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    Many webhosts will be able to accompany your requirements, For 200MB in Bandwidth and 25MB in Space then you would not be looking to may anything too massive. Personally I have not used European webhosts though I know there are several of them on the board.

    Maybe try having a search for European Webhosts here on WHT or Searching the Shared Offers Section. I know there are several though have not had any experience with them so cannot recommend them to you.

    You should not have too many worries grabbing a Webhost with those requirements, Though do remember to research before comitting to them, Check their Terms of Service aswell or ask them some pre-sales questions in regards to the service you wish to run.

    As long as your Adult Hosting does not contain Child Porn or is not copyrighting material then you should be fine, Though do double check with the host you would like to purchase with, If they allow it or have limitations to hosting Adult Content.

    Best of Luck

    Sean B
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    I think for your requirements, you shouldn't really be looking at spending much at all. You also shouldn't need to go 'off shore', many hosts allow adult material.
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    I can't resist:

    Adult hosting, EU based, small package
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    Most hosting companies usually don't allow adult content on their shared servers. I don't think that you will manage to find a solution easily.

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    #3 "true offshore"? I just need EU based as it is fully legal and the main users are EU based.

    budget: max 1 EUR/month/domain as I will not be running heavy SQL load I believe it should be posible.

    #4 got eny desent EU based you can name?

    #6 eventhough there will be no strickt adult material hosted on the server and the SQL load will be elsewhere?

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