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    Scalahosting -- any review?

    Hi guys,

    I see that Scalahosting has changed their webpage and claim to host more than 10,000 domains. It seems that they are growing.

    Any personal experiences? Would you host your site at this host? I am a little tempted by some of their plans.


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    Thnx. Actually I have read the reviews and comments but they are a little old, mostly in 2008. I just wanted some recent experiences...

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    It is sometimes said here that no news, is usually good news.

    See if the old reviewers are still hosted there, and then ask them directly for an update?

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    nice tip. thnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    It is sometimes said here that no news, is usually good news.
    Agreed. Always it seems negative reviews comes faster than the positive ones.

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    Any review?

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    Hope no one have recent experiences or no one have bad experiences? Even am waiting for the review.

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    same here still looking for fact im thinking about them, uberhost and Beachcomber

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