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    Any difference between AM2 and AM2+?

    I'll not go into my lengthy story of how I bent the pins on my dual core CPU At the moment, I'm on a single core 1.8Ghz, using toothpaste as thermal compound.

    However, I'm now looking for a new CPU and wondered what the difference between AM2 and AM2+ is? I've never heard of AM2+ before. My mobo is socket AM2, would it work with a AM2+ socket processor?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Socket AM2+ is a CPU socket, which is the immediate successor to Socket AM2 that is used by several AMD processors such as Athlon 64 X2. Socket AM2+ is a mid-migration from Socket AM2 to Socket AM3 and is fully compatible with Socket AM2, so that processors designed for Socket AM2 work on Socket AM2+ motherboards and vice versa
    Am2+ has a faster standard of ddr2 memory, also more expensive.
    Also, Am2+ offers hypertransport 3.0.
    A more technical reference can be found online, such as

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    am2+ wont work on a amd motherboard. Am2+ allows 1066MHZ ddr ram. If you are using a althon x2, either buy a new one or buy a am2+ compable motherboard and put a phenom x4 cpu. You will see that its worth it .

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    There is motherboards that have AM2 and AM2+ which I have a motherboard of one vendor. Very cheap. I needed a new motherboard so I picked up that one as it was the cheapest. So if I ever need more CPU power (I don't) I can pick up an AM2+ chip.

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