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    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to share my experience with First i'd like to say that i am not associated with the company in anyway beside the fact that i am a customer. Nothing else.

    While hosting is not my primary job (running a small web design agency) i always wanted to have control over the hosting of my SME clients. Before eurovps i was using a reseller pack from a US based company and i was really disappointed. As i was not sure if was going to be able to manage a VPS, i was reading, asking etc if i could take this next step. And actually i did it by buying a small VPS account in Most of the sites i host are really small sites in size and traffic.

    Well, after 3 months with them all i can say is that the only thing i have to remember is to pay the bill. Support? 10/10. At first i m sure i was asking some silly (as a noob) questions but that was not a problem for them. Whenever i need something they always respond fast and on the spot.

    I don't know if this covers everyone, but for those who are hosting client sites, need a piece of mind (never ever had this before), just starting out with a VPS well, eurovps will do the job.

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    Yes, they are good. I have a node there for e-mail services and their network and
    support are great. Well, except today, where there is a problem with the server and
    they still trying to solve it. Things happen of course once in a while.

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    Glad to hear about a positive experience. Keep us posted in the future and thanks again for sharing!

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